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Music Classes for Adults

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Private Lessons 

You used to play guitar, or piano, or sing, but you've long since gotten busy with life, work, or raising kids.


brooklyn music factory private lessons

Private Lessons

private lessons for adults brooklyn music factory

➜ Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Bass, Ukulele

➜ In-person and online lessons available

➜ Choose from 30, 45, or 60-minute lessons

➜ Beginners welcome! 

➜ Work one-on-one with a professional teacher who will guide you to achieve your musical goals. 

➜ Experience a completely different type of music lesson from the ones you took (and quit!) as a kid.

➜ First lesson is always free!


Private lessons are perfect for total beginners, as well as for students who want to revisit an instrument from their past. Music lovers – pick up that dusty old guitar again... We'll even help you tune it!

What Happens in Private Lessons?  

A typical private lesson includes the following:

5 Minute Warm Up - Students play together with their teacher focusing on listening, improvising and expression. It's a no-pressure way to open up your ears and start playing right away!

Skillz & Drillz - During this part of the lesson we focus on technique specific to the student's instrument.

Song Work - Dive into your song! Our teachers work with you to choose songs that YOU are passionate about learning.

Music Concept Exercises and Games - From ear training to rhythm, chord qualities to hearing melodies, our music games level up your musicianship, no matter which instrument you play. (And games aren't just for kids...!)

Why Private Lessons at BMF? 

It's never too late to start something new.

Music lessons aren't just for kids! Our adult private lesson program is thriving - with lots of adults revisiting the instrument from their childhood, continuing their musical journey, or just starting something completely new.

Your teacher will work with you to outline goals that you are excited about, that support your passion, and that meet you where you are. Choose the music that YOU are interested in learning, and BMF will help guide your music dreams to the next level.   


30-minute lessons

Ten monthly installments of $243

45-minute lessons

Ten monthly installments of $337

60-minute lessons

Ten monthly installments of $375

90 Minute Band Songwriting Rehearsals

Ten monthly installments of $170

Note: Tuition covers weekly lessons—except holidays—from the time you enroll through the end of the school year in June. Students enrolled for the full 10-month session are scheduled for 34 lessons or classes. 

For students who enroll after the start of the session, tuition will be prorated to reflect the number of scheduled lessons or classes remaining in the school year.

Pricing & FAQs

Classes for Adults

music lessons for adults

➜ Collaborate and connect with other musicians

➜ 90-minute weekly rehearsals

➜ Beginners welcome!

➜ A pro BMF teacher will guide the band to write, rehearse, and progress towards a finished product ready to perform live.

➜ Experience a completely different type of music lesson from the ones you took (and quit!) as a kid.


Open to all levels. Anyone interested in experiencing the magic of making music with others

What Happens in Band Class?  

Play and collaborate on cover songs as well as ORIGINAL SONGWRITING

A typical band class includes the following:

➜ Warm Up

➜ Group Songwriting

➜ Song Work/Rehearsal

➜ Style Guidance

Pricing for Songwriting Bands

$170/month (includes weekly 90 minute rehearsals - except on holidays & 2 songwriting showcases/year)

What Our Students Are Saying:

"I feel so much more relaxed and happy. Carefree. I am becoming addicted to the feeling I get from playing, from being inside the sound and working with my bandmates to create it."

-Susan, a BMF Adult Student

"Playing music in a band is a great way of living in the moment and losing yourself in something that is way bigger than you. You are doing something so real when you are making music with others and then performing it. Most of us don’t do enough real things in our lives anymore. Especially not as part of a community." 

-Sarah- A BMF Adult Band Member (and No-Longer-Beginner-Guitar Student!) 

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