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Your Family Band

A step by step guide to ensuring your family’s music lesson experience is NOTHING like the ones you hated and quit as a child.

Exploring Piano Melodies

Games and activities to have MORE FUN at the piano! For kids age 6-8.

Learn a Song
and Solo

Learn "Folsom Prison Blues" Stephen Selman on the guitar and the A minor pentatonic scale with Sergio Rivera.

Music Explorers

Learn about music and move your body! Become a music explorer with Lena and Patrick McTwinkletoes on a magical adventure.

Song Lab 

Songwriting Essentials. Learn the foundational concepts of songwriting from "starting with a hook", all the way to releasing and distributing your own music!

Rhythm Song Scribe

This classic BMF BLAM game is perfect to level up your rhythmic listening skills! For all instruments.

Notation Story

A note-worthy adventure! Jump along as we use quarter notes & whole notes to follow the map all the way to …. CANDY LAND.

8 On a Hand

An essential activity for drummers of all ages! Level up your ability to keep GOOD GROOVE.


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About BMF

Brooklyn Music Factory has been inspiring musicians and building community in Brooklyn for more than 10 years. Co-founders Nate Shaw and Peira Moinester came together with a vision for a different type of music lesson, one that was FUN, INSPIRING and game-based. They imagined a program where kids could collaborate regularly, play together in bands, and learn to think for themselves as musicians. From Nate's basement studio in Brooklyn, to a two-room music school, to a 12-studio facility with 600 summer campers each year, and now—with lessons available nationwide—BMF's community of music makers continues to grow. And a team of incredible teachers has joined us along the way.

Brooklyn Music Factory has now served more than 7,000 families in Brooklyn and around the world, and tons of kids across the country user our curriculum to write songs, play music games and connect with other young musicians!

Our students have written more than 10,000 original songs so far… and that number grows each and every week! (Explore some of our students' original songs on

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