What is BMG LIVE?

Big Music Games LIVE is a 45-minute online music class, chock full of songwriting, music games, dancing and more! Every week we play tons of games to learn melody, harmony and rhythm, opening our ears and flexing our music minds. Join us on the adventure... every Thursday, 4:30-5:15pm EST!

  • Each week features a new theme drawing on all the classic rhythm, melody, harmony & songwriting Big Music Games.
  • Every month BMG gamers level up their musicianship & build sightreading chops!
  • Applicable to any instrument. (But NO
    instrument is needed for the class!)
  • For kids ages 6-9


Class Length: 45 Minutes

Class Type: Online! We’ll send you the link the day of the class.

Class Size: Up to 40 gamers

Age: 6-9


Monthly Pass: $99/month (Tuition covers weekly classes, except holidays.)

(A family discount is available to students currently enrolled at BMF!)

Class Schedule:

Schedule: Thursdays at 4:30pm

Our Motto:

Open Ears - Strong Mind - Fast Hands