He loves it. He looks forward to the days he has music!  

-Joanne, a Club Keyboard Mom  

Club Keyboard Class Schedule

Monday @ 3:30pm


Ten monthly installments of $171

Note: Tuition covers weekly lessons—except holidays—from the time you enroll through the end of the school year in June. Students enrolled for the full 10-month session are scheduled for 34 lessons or classes. 

For students who enroll after the start of the session, tuition will be prorated to reflect the number of scheduled lessons or classes remaining in the school year.

Pricing & FAQs

Club Keyboard • For Kids Ages 6-8

What is Club Keyboard?

Club Keyboard is more than just a piano lesson!

In Club Keyboard, students take a world tour of music and culture–guided by our one-of-a-kind piano book–while solving fun puzzles and challenges with music! Along the way, students learn the layout of the keyboard, how to play in an ensemble, how to read music, songwriting and more!


  • Age: 6-8
  • Class length: 45 minutes
  • Class size: Up to 5 kids
  • Instruments: Piano, vocals


Club Keyboard is perfect for total beginners. Kids in Club Keyboard get one-on-one benefits of a private lesson teacher, plus the excitement and team motivation of playing games and learning in a group setting.

What Happens in Club Keyboard?

A typical Club Keyboard class includes the following:

  • Storytelling - Every week, students dive into an immersive story, taking a world tour of destinations around the globe, including Senegal, Brazil, Austria, and Jamaica.
  • Song Review - Students learn and play songs every week, taking turns on melody and harmony. Each song is another step in the story.
  • New Concept - Discover what happens next in the story… by learning and then applying important musical concepts.
  • Bandstand Game - Put it all together as a team! Students take turns playing the new song or musical concept of the week and then sharing with their parents or caretakers.
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Tuition & Policies

Our Approach 

Club Keyboard is a super fun semi-private piano class for kids ages 6-8 with an immersive story that keeps kids excited & engaged. Our one-of-a-kind piano book takes students on a world tour of music and culture while they solve fun puzzles and challenges with music! Online for Fall 2021.

  • Students learn the layout of the keyboard
  • How to play piano in an ensemble and how different parts fit together  
  • Begin to learn how to read music on the staff 
  • Club Keyboard introduces music fundamentals in an engaging way, all focused around an immersive story
  • Each unit has a songwriting component - focusing on the student's own unique creativity

➜ Get Inspired!

Students are inspired by and learn from both their teacher and their peers. This is a supportive and fun social learning environment.

➜ Small Class Sizes

With 5 students per class, Club Keyboard students enjoy one-to-one guidance from an expert teacher, in addition to working with their classmates as a team. It's the best of both worlds!

➜ More Than a Piano Lesson

Club Keyboard students learn the fundamentals of musicianship through accessible instruments: their voice, hand drums & of course, the piano.

➜ A Great Place to Start!

An affordable alternative to private one-on-one piano lessons. Students learn to love music lessons. Club Keyboard is a great launch pad for a life of music making!

➜ Maximum number of kids per class = 5

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