How to Make an Amazing DIY Music Video: A Masterclass with Jean Louis Droulers

Our Advanced Band students have been participating in a series of advanced workshops this summer in addition to their weekly online band rehearsals. The weekly masterclasses include subjects such as home recording, songwriting & creativity (with Big Thief!!), advanced lyric writing, and how to make your own DIY music video.

Join us for another fantastic masterclass, Friday, August 14 from 5:30-7:00pm EST.

  • Get inspired and learn how to make your own DIY music video
  • Take your own music and brand even further - think MP3s to MP4s!
  • Learn about Jean Louis’ journey as a music video director and about his process
  • Get Jean Louis’ ultimate musician’s survival kit for filming music videos. (AKA the easiest ways to level up your work on a budget!)

ALSO- BMF students are encouraged to submit one to two 30-second video clips to be included in the live edit! Shoot video on your phone or any device that is most convenient for you to use.

Plus.... it's a fundraiser for

Street Riders NYC!

Street Riders NYC  is a collective, a movement, a community, who met in protest and connected over the past few weeks. We collectively shared an interest in riding while providing cycling support and protection to protest groups across the city focusing on issues of justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, as well as police reform and racial equality.

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