"You cultivate a love for music in my son,

and I think it's your commitment to nurturing that makes BMF special."

A fun introduction to music lessons for 4-year-olds

MiniKeys is a game-based music class for 4 and 5-year-olds. A group early childhood class is the perfect launch pad for a student's musical journey. We explore piano, drums, guitar, and voice and write original songs in our band.

Music school for pre-schoolers does not have to be boring!

MiniKeys is an early childhood music class aimed at 4 and 5-year-olds having tons of fun while they learn the foundations of songwriting & the rock band instruments to support their songs.

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Class Schedule

Saturday @ 10am

A hands-on approach for preschoolers:

  • Every one of our childhood music classes starts with a drum circle. Why? Because it's a musical instrument that immediately gets kids making a connection with music and developing motor skills.

  • From the drums, the class moves to one of our famous musical games (see Big Music Games to learn more). We are a music school that has a 'fluency first approach,' meaning that our games zero in on the principals of music first, developing aural skills (listening skills,) emotional skills and cognitive skills (music theory.)

  • And finally, the 4 year old music beginner explores the piano, guitar, and drum set. Starting primarily on skill development with the piano, learning the architecture of the instrument and the clear difference between a pitched and non pitched instrument (piano vs hand drum), the student develops a deep connection with music and all it's expressive power.

Music Lessons for 4-Year-Olds?

MiniKeys is a game-based music class for 4 & 5-year-olds. A group early childhood class which is the perfect launch pad for a student’s musical journey. We explore piano, drums, guitar, and voice and write original songs in our band.

Imagine a music class for 4-year-olds that kids beg to go to!

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Monthly installments of $171

Note: Tuition covers weekly lessons—except holidays—from the time you enroll through the end of the school year in June. Students enrolled for the full 10-month session are scheduled for 34 lessons or classes. 

For students who enroll after the start of the session, tuition will be prorated to reflect the number of scheduled lessons or classes remaining in the school year.

100% Risk-Free Registration

Brooklyn Music Factory offers a virtually 100% risk-free enrollment period.

If after 2 weeks, it’s not feeling right, we will refund any tuition paid to date.

We only want you to continue on your journey here if this feels like the right community for your family.

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Music Education = Games + Songwriting 

Extraordinary Musical Lessons for a 4-Year-Old

A childhood music class must be both fun and have a clear learning path to be effective. At Brooklyn Music Factory, we believe the most engaging preschool music class, one we designed over the last 12 years, combines musical games that teach music theory (without the student really even knowing it!) while inspiring exploration of all the instruments to be used in songwriting. 

Songwriting is an authentic way for elementary students to learn all the basic concepts & musical skills:

  • pitch vs harmony
  • rhythm patterns
  • steady beat
  • basic chords
  • building blocks of arranging
  • keyboard geography
  • piano basics

While developing creative expression.

minikeys at brooklyn music factory
MiniKeys Westchester Brooklyn Music Factory Groove

MiniKeys–NOW AVAILABLE at Groove Family Music in Westchester! Learn more.

MiniKeys Band Class • For Kids Ages 4-5


Age: 4-5

Class length: 45 minutes

Class size: Small class size, limited to 5 kids.

Instruments: Piano, guitar, floor tom, snare drum and singing


Kids ages 4-5


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What Happens in MiniKeys? 

A typical MiniKeys class includes the following:

Drum Circle - warm up playing games that incorporate rhythm technique

Singalong - sing and learn movements & basic music techniques through song

Rock Pit - play full body games that teach Big Lessons About Music (BLAMs!)

Bandstand - play the instruments! piano for melody, drums for rhythm, guitar for harmony & the microphone for voice & lyrics

Why MiniKeys? 

MiniKeys is a fun & playful class that teaches beginning music theory. We explore piano, drums and guitar, and write original songs in our band.

MiniKeys is a positive, joyful first music class that lays a foundation for lifetime music making.

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A Great Place to Start!  

Our core belief at Brooklyn Music Factory is the sooner a music student learns they can play music with others, the more likely they are to become a life-long musician. Thus we start with MiniKeys in a semi-private scenario of 4-5 students per class. It's designed to meet their energy & focus needs at this age while preparing them for a trajectory both in private lessons as well as band.  

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Each 45-Minute Class Includes: 

  • Warm-Up Game - We start the class by introducing the music concept for the day with a fun warm up game. Our music concept is based in either rhythm, melody, or harmony!
  • Singalong - Everyone sings & learns fun movements along with basic music techniques. We connect the lyrics to movement so we can feel the music in our bodies!
  • Rock Pit - This is where the music concept of the day is reinforced through interactive music games focusing on learning a new part of our song. MiniKeys students learn or write a new song together every 3-4 weeks! 
  • We focus on the piano for melody, drums for rhythm, guitar for harmony & the microphone for voice & lyrics. MiniKeys students learn or write a new song together every 3-4 weeks. The MiniKeys BAND then plays it together on each instrument, not only learning what they're doing individually, but how their part fits into the larger band setting.

Creativity & Communication

MiniKeys encourages creativity and communication through music! Our experienced & nurturing teachers use stories and movement to help kids connect to the musical concepts they're learning.

“I just can’t say enough about the high level of attention and love for teaching music that exists at BMF. The overall vibe is great and the kids all look happy to be there. Thank you Jason Vance and BMF for making music class so enjoyable!”  

- Millie, a MiniKeys Mom  

Get Your Child EXCITED
About Music! 

“I absolutely adore BMF, this class and the detailed updates that I have received. It makes me feel so connected to my son's experience. We were so shocked and surprised at his progress. I really wasn't expecting him to do so well during the gig!!!”  

- A MiniKeys Mom  

Questions? Contact us! info@brooklynmusicfactory.com

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