Music Classes For Teens 

Rock Write Record - Make Music WITH A BAND
and Take Your Music to New Levels

Rock Write Record II are our most advanced band offerings. Bands write multiple songs each semester, diving deep into lyric writing, harmony and the finer points of performing and creating as an ensemble. Bands work towards greater and greater autonomy in their songwriting as they build the essential toolbox they need to confidently create on their own.  

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Private Lessons - Our students learn to think for themselves as independent musicians while learning essential skills like reading music, developing their musical ear, songwriting, and deeper technique on their instrument. We provide families an alternative to the traditional music lesson with a proven game-based curriculum that inspires students to play often, and with others. 

Choose from piano, guitar, voice, drums & bass.
30, 45 & 60 minute lessons available.

SongLab - A series of weekly workshops for musicians ages 12-16  

SongLab offers students the opportunity to dive into every facet of songwriting and arranging, as well as get a crash course in Logic Pro (Apple’s recording and production platform).  

For those that have a genuine love of songwriting and everything that goes into producing a finished song, SongLab is the next level of study at BMF. 

*SongLab is currently paused for the summer. Stay tuned for Fall 2021 updates!