Song Lab

Song Lab provides you with all the tools necessary for crafting your songs in the lab. Everybody can be a songwriter! The time for creativity is now!

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Song Lab

Song Lab provides you with all the tools necessary for crafting your songs in the lab. Everybody can be a songwriter! The time for creativity is now!

If you just started songwriting, or are an experienced songwriter just looking to overcome your hurdles, or if you have no idea how to get started with recording and releasing music, this class will provide the answers to every step of being a songwriter and recording artist!

Do any of these sound familiar? 

I have this melody stuck in my head, but I'm not sure what to do with it! 

Song Lab shows you the steps to take once you've started with just a seed of an idea! Figure out how to develop that tune stuck in your head into something much more!

I want to record and release my songs, but I'm not sure how to begin collaborating with other musicians on their parts.

Ok, so maybe you've written a song or two, but you've haven't gotten the perfect band together– learn the art of collaborating with other musicians who can bring your music to the next level.

I'm great at writing the chords or melody to a tune, but I always get stuck writing the lyrics.

What to say! What to say!? Need help finding inspiration for your lyrics, try these basic approaches and inspirational tips to overcome your writer's block.

I've written ideas for a bunch of songs, but they never get finished!

Song Lab shows you every step along the creative road of getting your songs "finished"! Get that song recorded and released, so you can move on to the next– and discover your inner songwriter.

What will we be covering?

Crafting all the parts of a GREAT song.

From lyrics, chords and melody, to collaborating with other musicians on their parts for a song. Song Lab takes you through EVERY step of the songwriting creative process.

Recording and producing your song.  

Dive into the basics of recording your own demos and tracks to share with others. And learn the next steps of collaborating with others to produce your song and take your music to the next level. 

Releasing and distributing your music.

What to do with your music when it's "finished"? Learn about all the steps to do AFTER you've written a song, and get your creativity out into the world.

Your Instructor - Greg Baldwin

Greg Baldwin has been writing songs since the age of 10 years old. Raised in the era of MTV, he knew he wanted to be a songwriter when he saw the music video for “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty. “Most people that you see on TV and in the entertainment industry look very glamorous, but when I saw artists like Tom Petty I thought, ‘huh, he looks like a regular guy… maybe I can write songs like him!’

Greg has toured with bands across the United States and Canada, and has released records under many different band names and aliases.

“There are so many elements to being a musician, but the writing and recording process will always be my favorite”.

Song Lab - Course Overview 

Introduction to Song Lab

Welcome to Song Lab! We are going to talk about what it takes to grow and nurture a song from the ground, up! 


What IS a "hook"? Let's find some defining features which make a hook effective! AND watch Greg come up with an actual hook, and then explore the application of subtle variations that gives a hook character!


Learn how songwriters think about chords, and what tools we have to get creative with them! This chapter covers roman numerals, common chord progressions, borrowed chords, inversions and more!


Lyrics are an integral part of songwriting - while a hook may get the listeners attention, the lyrics can be what gets them emotionally invested!  In this chapter we will look at three important aspects to lyric writing: Inspiration / Content, Rhyming Patterns, & Syllable Count / Delivery. 


Greg discusses the importance of groove and how it can really amplify your songwriting in surprising ways. Explore groove as a compositional tool, dive into beat composition, and then witness Greg collaborate and discuss working with a professional drummer, Davis Rowan from the drums department at Brooklyn Music Factory.


In this chapter we will learn about the choices a composer makes when it comes to arranging their song ideas. This will included everything from Song Form, Sequencing, Instrumentation, and Dynamics.


Production is an important element of documenting your composition. How you record will affect the way your composition will be heard! We will learn about Recording Software, Gear, and Production Techniques!


We will explore the different ways to share your music! Let's discuss gigs, digital distribution, and draw some conclusions.

Song Lab is a complete step-by-step process for writing, recording, and releasing your own music.

Class Description: 

In Song Lab, Greg provides you with all the tools necessary for crafting your songs in the lab. From dreaming up a hook on your doorstep to releasing that song of yours on all platforms and sharing your music with the world. Everybody can be a songwriter! The time for creativity is now!

What you’ll learn:  

  • How to create a HOOK
  • How to write great CHORDS
  • How to write and finish LYRICS
  • How to choose the right GROOVE
  • How to think like an ARRANGER
  • Become a PRODUCER
  • RELEASE your music with the world

Course Length: 8 Chapters - 43 Episodes!

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