“I started to think about songwriting in this other way that’s less rigid and less limiting...”
- M, a Song Lab student

Are you a musician with folders full of unfinished songs? Or snippets of great lyrics in your songwriting journal?

Do you need a gentle push to get those songs to the finish line? A little accountability from a supportive group?

Are you just feeling generally
stuck with your songwriting...?

Join Song Lab and you’ll get the structure, guidance and support you need to get your songs out of your head, onto the page, and to the finish line.

Let us repeat that... get your songs
out of your head and out into the world!

We’ll help you figure out the answer to the challenge of what to do nextwith a great lyric, a super-catchy chord progression, or just the seed of an idea, so that you can move forward with your songwriting and start finishing songs instead of just starting them.

SongLab Songwriting Class

In Song Lab, you will learn to:  

  • Find the best chord progressions—to go with all the lyrics you write
  • Build a lyric library—to go with all the instrumentals you write
  • Write speed songs in just five minutes—with zero judgement
  • Build your own songwriting system—one that works for you
  • Discover strategies to manage your writers block

(Bonus: You will connect with other songwriters who will support your artistic journey!! This is from a recent Song Lab class:)

Yes, Sign Me Up!

SongLab Songwriting Class

About Song Lab

Song Lab is a three-month course that will ignite your songwriting process and connect you with others who are on the same creative path. Join for one, two or all three months.

You will leave Song Lab with greater confidence in your own creative voice PLUS a huge toolbox of skills and writing exercises you can use for years to write, publish and perform your own original songs.

Not sure? No worries!

If, after 14 days, you do not believe that Song Lab is taking your songwriting to the next level, you can cancel and we will issue a full refund.

It’s simple. We want your musical mind to grow exponentially and your songwriting to blossom. If Song Lab doesn’t do both of those things, then you do not pay a dime!

Registration at Brooklyn Music Factory is always 100% risk free. That’s the way we roll.

Small lab sizes = Don't wait to sign up!

We keep each Song Lab small—no more than four songwriters per Lab—so you get maximum time and attention.

  • Think of all the songs that may not get written if you wait!
  • All of our previous Song Labs have sold out– don't wait to save your spot!
Yes, I need this!!

“There are so many other tools I now have that I can utilize to get me to a place where I’m actually producing something tangible, rather than waiting for an inspiration to come along, which is very fleeting and unreliable, really…”
- M, a Song Lab student

SongLab Songwriting Class

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is needed to do the course work every week?

You can expect to bring something new to Song Lab every week. That may be lyrics, arrangements or full-blown productions, so the time you’ll need to create will vary. In general though, you can expect to spend 60 minutes per week in the Lab, and another one to two hours on songwriting work outside of class.

How fast can I expect to see results from the curriculum and coaching?

Immediately! In the very first Song Lab you will write and share your work with the group—and receive constructive feedback you can put to use right away. We mean it when we say you will gain confidence and songwriting tools.

I am not very good at music production. Can I still join a Song Lab?

Absolutely. Ideally, you will have a way to record and make simple arrangements of your songs, but having access to your own recording and production tools isn’t required. A simple recording of your latest work on your phone is totally sufficient for your weekly Lab.

I have already studied songwriting. Will Song Lab still help me?

Song Lab will deliver two things we believe are essential for every songwriter:

  • Exercises to expand your storytelling and musical choices
  • A peer group to encourage and promote your unique voice

You can decide if your songwriting could benefit from these tools.

I am an amateur songwriter. Is Song Lab right for me?

You do not need to be a pro-musician to develop your songwriting voice. In fact, most participants will have “day jobs”, in addition to the time they spend on music and songwriting. Everyone is welcome, as long as they are committed to personal growth and open, honest participation.

What happens if I am struggling or falling behind. Can I get additional support?

Absolutely! One-on-one coaching sessions can be booked as needed. In addition, all participants will have access to a group forum where they can connect with and get advice from each other, as well as the Lab coach.

What happens if the class is not what I expected?

No problem. You have 30 days from your first Song Lab to cancel and receive a full refund.

Do you have students that have successfully used your songwriting techniques?

Yes! Brooklyn Music Factory has been teaching original songwriting for more than ten years. We have inspired and guided students—ages 4 to 64—to write thousands of original songs!

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. If, after 30 days, you do not believe that Song Lab is taking your songwriting to the next level, you can cancel and we will issue a full refund. Registration at Brooklyn Music Factory is always 100% risk free. That’s the way we roll.

What happens if I miss a class? Is there a makeup?

Because of the nature of the class, there are no makeups or refunds for missed classes. Your teacher will be happy to send you any relevant materials and fill you in on the details from the class you missed.

Tuition & Policies
Song Lab for Songwriters at Brooklyn Music Factory

Song Lab 3-Month Cycle

We offer monthly Song Labs on a rotating 3-month cycle.
Join for one, two, or all three! 2021 dates coming soon.

Month 1 - Basics - “Give Your Inner Songwriter More Space”
September 23, 30, October 7, & 14

  • Learn techniques to draw deeper inspiration and tone your writing muscles 
  • Be a part of a serious songwriting community, get feedback on your songs
  • Take a deep dive into songwriting, and workshop new material

Month 2 - “Staying the Course” 
October 21, 28, November 4, & 11

  • Address your writers block and learn tools and exercises to manage it!
  • Learn to identify which phase you're in - input vs. output
  • Learn about draft theory and different writing perspectives
  • It’s okay to write a B-side! “Food for the muse” - Joni Mitchell

Month 3 - “Beyond the Song” - I wrote some songs, what do I do now?
November 18, December 2, 9, & 16 

  • Envision your artistic purpose
  • Learn how to level up with home recording & production
  • Share, collaborate, and grow your songwriting circle
  • Discover next steps with arranging your songs

“The thing that I really found useful was that it gave me license to listen to music in a way that I haven’t listened to music in a long time. When I think about all of the music that I really know like the back of my hand, is stuff I listened to when I was a teenager… and I really feel like I’m back in that mode of listening again, which I haven’t been in for some time. That’s really exciting.”
- S, a Song Lab student

Questions? Contact Kaitlin! kaitlin@brooklynmusicfactory.com

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