Been There – Done That! (Or: Why Kids Need to Experience New Types of Classes)

The Inevitable Cycle

Last year I signed my daughter up for an amazing class for toddlers.  It was really fun, good for her, and she loved every minute of it.  The following year, I signed her up again, and at the very first class she did the exact same activity that she did the year before.

This time it fell flat.

After a few classes we ended up dropping. She wasn’t feeling it anymore and didn’t know why.

I did.

She was a year older and needed a new and interesting challenge. My daughter was no longer psyched by the same goals and activities.

In other words, she had been there, done that.


On Our Own Turf

The reason I recognized what was going on was because I had seen this happen at my very own school. A child signs up for Rock, Write and Record, ages 9-11.  Comes in for year one at age 9 and is so psyched to be playing in a band.   Then, that same child comes in year two at age 10, and finds him or herself bored, doing the same thing he or she did last year.

By age 11, we’ve lost them emotionally.

They have checked out and might drop out of the band.

This is a loss that is bigger than BMF. This loss often translates to a student’s relationship with wanting to learn music all together.  A result that is against everything we aim to do here at the Brooklyn Music Factory which is to create a lifelong love of learning and playing music.


A Clear Solution

That’s why we’ve now created a clear music fluency guideline for each type of band. (read more HERE)

No longer will a student be in a band where they’ve been there done that. We now have a concrete way to measure each individual’s level and where they should go next.   It is with this, that we can be sure that students continue to be excited to learn and are challenged by what they are learning.  They will be given the environment that is best suited for them to most effectively learn and thrive.


Questions? Schedule a call with Jessica today to talk about class options for your family. CLICK HERE.

Let’s not just do this – let’s do it right.


Co-Founder of Brooklyn Music Factory, and Camp Director.

P.S. Update!

As of November 2018, we’ve launched our very own music class for babies and toddlers – Little Songwriters!

In Little Songwriters, kids and their grownups will sing, dance, play lots of drum circle games AND write original songs as a group every week.


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