Music Day Camp in Brooklyn

When school is out – making music is IN! We have your child’s day off of school covered with an amazing camp experience at our School’s Out Songwriting Camp. Join an inspiring music community for a day! During all public school holidays this year Brooklyn Music Factory is offering full day camps in brooklyn for kids to experience a fun environment of engaging with music on their days off from school.

School’s Out Songwriting Camp Program

Brooklyn Music Factory is once again back in action for a rockin’ brooklyn day camp experience. We have condensed our the curriculum from our Summer Music Camps to bring the summer fun and musical learning of our camps to Brooklyn year round. At Brooklyn Music Factory’s School’s Out Songwriting Camp, kids ages 4-11 join bands and spend their days writing songs, playing music games, and more in our fully equipped studios. All campers are placed into bands based on their age, sparking their creative expression, as well as growing their collaborative and emotional skills.

The focus of our Songwriting Camp is to introduce campers to the fundamentals of storytelling through a very hands-on creative environment. The proven, game-based curriculum which we use in our private lessons is used here to pack the process of writing a song with fun activities that teach vital musical skills like rhythm, melody, and harmony. These games are designed for accessible and easy learning of musical skills, making the process of learning different kinds of notes, intervals, and chords exciting for everyone, and not a methodical bore looking at sheet music.

Music Day Camp Activities

At the beginning of the camp day, everyone is broken up into bands based on campers ages. These bands form the bedrock of the camp experience.  After agreeing on a band name, campers will gain musical skills as a group, practicing some foundational skills in rhythm and melody as they get to know one another. These skills are then used in the creation of the song the group writes together.  A large brainstorming session will help the band write their first couple lyrics, then instruments are added around the lyrics and melody to harmonize as a group.

Another key part of our music day camp community building are our daily trips outdoors. Campers will travel to our neighborhood park everyday and, weather permitting, enjoy free time in the park with fresh air and outdoor adventures. On sunny days, we will also take lunch outside and utilize the time outside to relax before returning to rehearsal and eventually performing. These daily trips really help our campers get their creative juices flowing, as well as give them time to socialize and build connections outside of their band.

The songwriting component of camp is not only a central part of the work that Brooklyn Music Factory does, but is also a central part of the camp community. Brooklyn day camp musically culminates in performances by each band, as they share their original songs for all of camp.  This is where some of the meaningful community which camp creates is especially present. Students get the opportunity to offer positive feedback about the song they heard, lifting up the creativity and musical skill of their peers.  We will also share those camp songs with our campers parents to show off their hard work!

Our School’s Out Camp, like our Summer Camp,  runs from 9 am to 3pm. These camp hours mirror a day of school and, like many school programs, we also offer an extended day session that runs from 3pm to 6pm. These extended hours give campers more opportunities to hang out with our excellent staff, engaging in hands-on-activities that continue all the fun from earlier in the day.

Brooklyn Day Camp Experience

Songwriting Camp is open to kids of all skill levels and is a great introduction into the approach of Brooklyn Music Factory.  Camp sessions are designed to be accessible to students with a wide spectrum of musical skills. Over the course of one day of camp, students will have the opportunity to jam in our fully equipped music studios.  The fun environment of our camp bands is helps campers break down barriers and meet new people. Performing as a band takes teamwork and collaboration.  The valuable life skills campers learn at Brooklyn Music Factory will continue to foster growth in our campers, meaning the learning from school students amass doesn’t have to stop becase of a day off.

Not only is our full day camp in brooklyn space a safe one to learn, grow, and collaborate, it is also an amzing place for campers to make friends and develop long-lasting friendships.  Bandmates open up to one another throughout the creative process, and bond over the shared experiences of practicing rhythms, learning harmonies, and making intruiging melodies. The structured team-building actvities and collective musical learning that takes place during rehearsals make camp an amazing place to forge strong connections that last from school break to school break, and longer.

Our Staff

Our staff of musical educators are made up of the Brooklyn Music Factory private lesson teachers.  Seasoned in fostering creative expression during their weekly sessions, our teachers make songwriting camp accessible for everyone from seasoned musicians to absolute beginners.  Our staff are also the same ones who teach during Brooklyn Music Factory’s summer music camps, where they lead an exciting week of music  and are fully prepared to fill what would’ve been a day of school with a day of fun! They are well-versed in teaching children ages 4-11 from all musical backgrounds, and work seamlessly together to facilitate a rockin’ day of camp!

When Is Day Camp?

Our camp dates mirror the schedule of New York Public Schools. Our upcoming music camps are largely one-day camps. For our Winter Music Camp and our Spring Music Camp, which coincide with Winter and Spring breaks, we offer week-long camps which span a four day period during those school breaks. Long or short, our day camp schedule is built to meet the needs of the most families as possible.

Where Are We?

For Fall 2022 our camps will take place at Battalion Studios, which is at 175 6th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215.  Our campers write and perform in the fully-equipped spaces at Battalion Studios, which are used later in the day by local and professional musicians as they rehearse and record. Our after-school pick-up will take place at the Fall ’22 BMF Studio located at 540 President Street, Brooklyn NY 11215.

Starting in early 2023, all of the Schools Out Songwriting Day Camps in Brooklyn will move to 497 Carroll Street, Brooklyn NY 11215, which is the new home of Brooklyn Music Factory.  The rehearsal and community spaces here are truly state-of-the-art students will have the opportunity to perform on a stage.

Our facilities in Gowanus are located to serve nearby communities in Brooklyn, with easy access available for those in Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Downtown Brooklyn, and Brooklyn Heights. We’re proud to offer full day camps in Brooklyn and we can’t wait to see you on your next day off of school!

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  • Who: Kids ages 4-11
  • What: A day full of music making, songwriting and friends!
  • Where: Battalion Studios – 175 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • Writing a song in a day with your band!
  • Lots of game-based music learning!
  • Jamming in our fully equipped music studios!
  • Fun group activities such as drum circles, karaoke, ice breaker games, outdoor activities, and more!


Brooklyn Music Factory COVID Protocols:

Our strong COVID safety plan includes vaccine requirements, air filtration, and eating outside whenever possible. As the pandemic continues to evolve, we are committed to keeping all campers and staff safe. For more on our Covid safety protocols click HERE
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: All vaccination-eligible campers must show proof of vaccination to attend any BMF camp.


Camp Registration

Our School’s Out Songwriting Camp costs $165 per day. If you are already a member of Brooklyn Music Factory, then camp tuition is $145 per day.  if you are already a member of Brooklyn Music Factory. The $50 deposit per day per camper is due at the time of registration.  Our extended hours camp costs (insert COST) per day.
Make sure to remember your discounts when you check out. If you are registering siblings for the same camp, you can receive a 5% discount. After following the link to registration, be sure to register both kids on the registration form. Starting the registration process is one click away!

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