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Keyboard & Piano Lessons for Beginners

We provide families an alternative to the traditional piano lessons for teens.  Our unique, game-based teaching methods spark a love for music and build the skills to compose and create original music. The one-on-one piano lessons for teens form strong bonds between teacher and student, and focus on organically developing students musical ear, training proper piano technique on the instrument, and learning essential like music reading skills. Lesson time frequently utilizes our engaging and proven game-based curriculum that accessibly teaches music with the aim of rapidly developing musical skills.  The transformative musical experience our private lessons for teens offer the perfect for all aspiring piano students.

We grow confident, creative, and communicative musicians ready to jam with others.

What We Offer

Our music curriculum uses an ears-first methodology, where the basics of music theory are first taught by ear. We teach four key musical fluencies: rhythm, melody, harmony, and songwriting. Across all of our lessons, these four skills are developed over the entire course of our students’ time at Brooklyn Music Factory. Our piano teachers expand that solid foundation of aural skills as they teach notation, key signatures, and chord progressions – the standard for jazz, rock, and pop music.

Brooklyn Music Factory students are also guided in writing their own, original pieces of music. This is an essential part of our teaching method from our beginner piano lessons for teens all the way to our most advanced skill levels. Producing unique and original music is allows our teenage students to creatively utilize what they have learned, instilling what they have learned through creating their own, complex pieces of music. Our students then have the opportunity to perform these songs at gigs – our version of piano recitals.

Beyond building a background in music theory, development of proper technique, and creating original music pieces, our students play music together regularly. Connecting and communicating with others through music is an integral part of our teaching method, and builds meaningful skills for our teen students. Through our strong community and playing gigs, our students widen their network of supportive fellow musicians and role models.

Brooklyn Music Factory provides ample opportunities to build additional skills outside of the piano studio or the performance stage.  Our teaching platform, BMF Connect, allows students the opportunity for daily practice at home. Integrating class fun into family life continues the development of technique by getting more study time weekly, without demanding an excessive time commitment.

Our private lessons are available for 30, 45, and 60 minutes each week. We also offer the opportunity for students to play in bands in addition to their private lessons.

Playing music together is a key part of our curriculum for our older students. Students will be guided in how to assemble a band, how to find music which mutually highlights different skills, and how to create music for multiple instruments. This upper echelon of music programming makes our musical experience truly exceptional as it gives students the tools to organize and create musical performances on their own.

We think everyone should be able to make and share music. Our students have the freedom to choose which songs and genres they are most passionate about, and learn the essentials of rhythm, harmony, melody, and songwriting.


What skills do keyboard students at Brooklyn Music Factory learn?

Our music lessons build four musical fluencies: rhythm, melody, harmony, and songwriting. Our game-based approach allows all of these skills to be taught in engaging ways. A keyboard student may develop the skill of rhythm by playing beats on a drum, then would play the same rhythms on the piano. Beyond these musical skills, we push our students to be more independent through their musical development.

What is the difference between beginner and advanced keyboard lessons?

Our beginner lessons focus on gaining musicianship and developing a deep understanding of music through the keyboard. These lessons foster a wide musical development that builds foundational, technical piano lessons for teens to improve skills alongside a holistic development of musical skills. Advanced lessons rely on the same musical and technical skills which our beginner lessons foster and use those skills working towards technical mastery of the piano and a robust  understanding of musical theory. This musical development in service of collaborative performances. The advanced keyboard lessons breed musically independent students who have the skills to deepen their passions  through collaboration.

What are your lesson programs?

Our private lessons occur over the course of a school year, during which there will be 34 sessions. Sessions are available in 30, 45, and 60 minute increments.  These private lessons are one-on-one meetings which will include warm-ups and music theory games from our curriculum. Students put their musical skills into practice as they compose their own, original songs. Not only do our students gain the confidence to read and play music, they are also taught how to take a songs from being a few notes and an idea to a fully fleshed out piece of music that they can perform. The work in these lessons culminate in “gigs” where students from across Brooklyn Music Factory share their work from the semester.

What are the benefits of piano lessons for teens?

Lessons for our teen students give offer magnificent, structured opportunities for musical collaboration.  Beyond the benefits of learning music, the strong collaborative element of Brooklyn Music Factory allows students to gain independence and grow life skills of collaboration and communication through the process of learning their instrument.

Piano Lessons for Preschoolers

In addition to our transformative piano program for teens, we also offer piano lessons for people of all ages.  If you’re looking to see more about the rest of the programming we offer, you can Learn More here!

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Here are some of our private lesson students performing at their gigs:

2022-23 School Year Pricing!

30 Minute Lessons

  • Ten monthly installments of $243

45 Minute Lessons

  • Ten monthly installments of $336

60 Minute Lessons

  • Ten monthly installments of $375


Payment Options

  • Ten equal, monthly installments at the prices listed above.
  • One installment due at registration. We offer a 5% discount for tuition if you choose to pay in one installment.


Additional Payment Notes

  • We also offer 5% off each tuition payment when two or more family members enroll.
    • This 5% discount is available with the 5% discount for paying tuition in one installment.
  • In addition to tuition, a monthly $4.95 subscription to BMFConnect-Brooklyn Music Factory’s online portal for lesson materials, recordings, videos, games and more will also be charged. This allows students to practice the exercises they do with their instructors at home.


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